SINCE 1991


To reduce insurance expense for our clients to the lowest possible cost while improving upon existing coverage and service.

Who we are:

We are a premier insurance expense reduction company with clients across the United States. 

What We Do:

  • We implement an advanced marketing approach that utilizes "competition" & "industry knowledge" to lower insurance expense to the "bottom line" cost.

  • Our advanced approach allows us to expose industry "secrets" to more effectively leverage the marketplace to reduce cost.

  • Dealing with hundreds of brokers, we obtain the latest information on which insurance companies are most competitive at any given time, in any given industry. This provides access to the most competitive programs for the "short" period of time they may be available.

  • Our process accesses the insurance marketplace from the most competitive access point. Unfortunately, in insurance, not all brokers are created equal in the eyes of the insurance company. Ex: A broker that submits 10 Million Dollars in business to an insurance company is typically priveliged with better pricing than a broker who submits 1 Million. In fact, the broker that submits 10 Million, may be able to leverage their "relationship" with that insurance company to obtain a quote where the other broker may recieve a declination. (Many industries follow the same philosophy: the more you buy, the less the cost per item). In order to produce the most competitive quote from each insurance company, we make certain that the quote is obtained from the most advantageous access point.

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